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Q: Is there a monthly fee once i install and set up?
A: No, it is free. Once you set it up, you can view it anywhere without any fee.
Q: Can I watch the camera from a computer at a different location, but on the internet?
A: Yes, it works on computer, tablet and smart phone remotely. Once you connect it to your router, and your router is connected to the internet. It is connected to the internet too. So you can access it all over the world if you are on the internet. Please kindly note this is a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi based camera. So if you use a dual band Wi-Fi router, please connect the camera to your 2.4GHz WI-FI. And then it will work good. And your other wireless devices can be connected to 5GHz Wi-Fi too.
Q: Can i see the camera from anywhere work, park etc on my cell phone? I need Wi-Fi or just need my mobile data?
A: It works on both Wi-Fi and mobile data. As long as your mobile is connected to Internet, through either Wi-Fi or mobile data, you can access the camera.
Q: Can i download it to my iPhone and watch my pet remotely?
A: Yes, you can use your iPhone to download "Faleemi" APP and use it to view your camera remotely.
Q: How much upload speed does this camera need?
A: We suggest you to have upload speed of 2Mbps (256KB) at least to ensure very good live video streaming.
Q: Is there a distance restriction? My dad lives 220 miles away and is elderly and wanted to know if this would work?
A: As long as there is Wi-Fi (with internet connection) in your dad's house, and you connect the camera to that Wi-Fi, and you can view the camera anywhere by your phone with internet connection.
Q: Is this good as a nanny camera, i want to know what is going on while i am at work?
A: Yes, it will be very good as a nanny camera. You can view the camera anywhere via internet connection. You can pan/tilt and talk and hear. You can control it remotely. The setup is also very easy.
Q: Can this camera work without an SD memory card?
A: Yes, if you don't need to record the video to the SD, you will not need to have one. You can view the live video and get email alert and also do recordings to your phone or computer but you need to stay viewing the live video. But if you have a SD, it will record to the SD automatically.
Q: Can this be turned off for a few hours when at home? And then turned on when leaving the house?
A: Yes, you just unplug it to turn it off and re-plug it back in to turn it on before leaving.
Q: What is the voltage input? Can i use 220 V?
A: Yes, it uses power supply. The included power adapter supports 110V-240V.
Q: Will this work with an iphone6s Macbook and iPads?
A: Yes, it will work with your iphone, ipad and Macbook. For iPhone and iPad, please go to App Store to download "Faleemi" app and connect the camera according to the included quick start guide. After you use your iPhone to get the camera connected to your Wi-Fi, you just follow the instruction "how to add the camera to the second phone" to add it to your iPad.
Q: Is this camera power cord or battery operated or both?
A: This camera is power cord with the power supply included in the color box. The power cord is about 8.2 foot. It doesn't support battery. Because it works 24/7, the battery is not convenient for it.
Q: If the power goes off it turn back on automatically?
A: When the power goes off, the camera will stop to run. If you have set up our camera and it does works, it will work automatically when you re-plug it in next time.
Q: How to reset the camera?

A: Please find the reset button which is close to the memory card slot. You just move the camera up manually and you will find it. Because the reset button is very small, not easy to hold down, please make sure to push down the Reset button for about 10 seconds until you see the red light changes from flashing slowly to flashing very fast and then let it go.

Q: How far away from home can you place this?

A: It depends on how strong the Wi-Fi signal of your router is and your application environment. Usually, it supports 50 feet far from your wireless router if the router is a good one and there are not many thick walls between the camera and your router.

Q: Can it be hung on a wall?

A: Yes, the camera comes with a bracket with screws which allows you to install the camera on a wall or ceiling. The bracket is very flexible. You are able to turn it to any angle you want.

Q: Can this be mounted upside down?

A: Yes, the brackets in the package can be installed upside down, you can easily install it to the ceiling, there is a mirror option in the software, and you can choose the vertical or horizontal mirror to get your desired visual effect.

Q: Can these cameras work outdoors? Which one is waterproof?

A: Indoor units,
FSC776B/W, FSC850, FSC880, FSC881, FSC882
There are indoor camera without waterproof function. So if you are sure the camera will not be wetted, it is ok. The camera works with power supply. So you need to have power plug there. It is wireless so that you don't need To hook it up to your router with Ethernet cable, but it needs to be in the range of wireless.

Indoor/outdoor units,
FSC760, FSC860, FSC861
There are weatherproof cameras, you can install it inside or outside according to your needs. Just let them keep plugged in and stayed a good network connection.

Q: Can I connect a new device to the camera remotely? i.e. without having to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network?

A: Yes, please just install Faleemi APP to that device and click on "Add Camera", put all the camera information, Camera ID, user and password there, and click on "Done" at the top right corner. And then you will see the camera online. Please note the Camera ID is the DID which you could find in the label at the bottom of the camera, and the user is admin, password is 123456 if you didn't change it.

Q: How far of a distance does the camera stay in focus?

A: The camera lens should be in focus for all the range. If you find yours is not in focus, you can use your finger to screw the lens and get it focus.
Sometimes, the lens will move a bit during the long transportation. But it should be very good after your adjustment.

Q: Does it make noise when it pans or tilts?

A: It will have a low sound when moving around. Because there is a motor inside, when it moves, the motor is working. It makes some low noise. This is normal.

Q: How far away from home can you place this?

A: It depends on how strong is the Wi-Fi signal of your router and your application environment. Usually, it supports 50 feet far from your wireless router if the router is a good one and there are not many thick walls between the camera and your router.

Q: If i need a longer power cord, can i purchase a longer cord or a new one for cameras?

A: Yes, you can. It uses a regular USB connector on one end and a Micro USB connector on the other end. So it is the same one as USB charger for android phones.

If you need buy a longer power cord, we will suggest you ordering below extension cable.
FSC776B/W, FSC880, FSC882 Extension Cable

If you need a new one, we may suggest you ordering below power supply for your camera.

Q: Can I monitor this with my android tablet on my local network without internet? ie. Connect and control directly over LAN?

A: Yes, the camera can work on both local network and internet. If you only need it to work locally, you can do this setup in your router settings to block it to be connected to the internet.

Q: Is there any specification for SSID? I bought a different camera that didn’t allow spaces in my home SSID. ie. home network is named 'my house'.
A: Faleemi cameras don't support 2 special characters ' (apostrophe) and & in the Wi-Fi SSID and password. Because we use this 2 in our CGI command. The spaces in Wi-Fi SSID will be no problem for our cameras. "]
Q: Can this be used with my 5GHz router?
A: This is a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi based camera, if you are using a dual band router which will broadcast 2 Wi-Fi signals, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, please just connect your phone to your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi before doing the setup, and then follow the included manual, it will work fine.
Q: Can the camera run off a 4G LTE mobile hotspot?
A: Yes, it should work. But the camera is streaming live video all the time, it will use up the cellular data. You'd better to connect it to the Wi-Fi network. This will be also more stable.
Q: Will this work if connecting to a Verizon hotspot?
A: It should work with a Verizon hotspot as long as it is 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. We use P2P protocol, ie peer to peer technology. If the Verizon hotspot doesn't block the P2P technology. It will work fine.
Q: How far can the camera be to still get Wi-Fi?
A: This depends on your application environment. For example, if your router is very strong, which can cover wider area. And if there are some thick concrete walls between the camera and your router, which will weaken the Wi-Fi significantly. So the best way to check if the camera can receive good Wi-Fi, is to check its red light. When you see the red light is solid on, it means the camera works well. If you see the red light is blinking, it means the camera doesn't work stable, you need to move it closer to your router or add a booster for your Wi-Fi.
Q: How many feet will it connect outside once Wi-Fi is connected?
A: This is based on your application. If there are walls between the camera and your router, the distance should be shorter. And it also depends on your router performance. Usually, it should work fine in 30-60 feet.
Q: Where is the Mac address for these cameras located? It’s not on the device itself.
A: There are 2 options to find the MAC address of your cameras. One is please take a photo of the label on the camera, make sure the photos are clear enough to read the words in the label and send it to support@faleemi.com. We will find the MAC address for you from our company system. The other option is you can use our Faleemi SearchPro Tool to find this out. You can go to Faleemi website https://www.faleemi.com/support/ to download it and install it to your computer and run it and click on "Search" and you will find the MAC address for your camera. Please kindly note that your computer should be connected to the same router as your cameras.
Q: Will this item works with a PC/Mac and does it come with software for that?

A: Yes, we have the PC/Mac software (Faleemi Plus), it works with PC/Mac system.
After you set the camera first time by your cell phone with Faleemi App, Please follow below our video tutorial to do the setup for PC/Mac.

1) MAC:
Please go to Faleemi Plus Desktop Software for Macintosh

How to link your camera to your MAC by Faleemi Plus

2) Windows PC
Please go to Faleemi website-->Support-->FSC776--Faleemi Plus Desktop Software for Windows

How to link your camera to your PC by Faleemi Plus locally
Please visithttps://youtu.be/sEuauwrchbs
How to link your camera to your PC remotely

Q: Can i view multiple cameras at the same time if i bought more cameras?

A: Yes, Faleemi App supports to add 30 cameras. It also supports multi-view, 4 cameras in one screen. That means if you buy 4 cameras, you can view all the live video at the same time.
You just click the four small windows icon and then you will go to the right window, you just hit the camera you want to view and you will see four in one screen.

Q: Does this camera monitor sound on the phone? For example baby crying?

A: Yes, You can hear the sound from your phone if baby crying, so you can use this camera as a baby monitor.

Q: I can't figure out what the camera's web address is so cam i view in Google chrome?

A: We will suggest you installing our APP for PC which will work better than in Google chrome. Because nowadays, almost all the browsers don't support plug-in to stream live video. Please follow our below video guide to do the setup.
How to link your camera to your PC

Q: If the camera is mounted on the ceiling, if you look through the app, will the picture be upside down or will the orientation automatically change?

A: There are 2 buttons "flip" and "mirror", please just hit this 2 buttons and the picture will be correct.

Q: Can two different phones with the app view the same camera? Like my husband and I can view baby room separately?

A: Yes,it supports 3 phones to view the camera at the same time. If not at the same time, it supports many users.

Q: When i view it through browser, just no image, it says download the active, i did but it didn't work, why?

A: Nowadays, almost all the browsers don't support plug-in to stream live video. So we would like to suggest you to use our APP for PC.
Please go to below link to download our latest APP for Windows PC and follow below our video guide to do the setup.

How to link your camera to your PC by Faleemi Plus

Q: If you have it connected by LAN are you able to view remotely with phone?

A: Yes, it is. As long as you connect the camera to your Wi-Fi, usually, you can view it remotely. Because we use P2P technology.

Q: Does this work for multiple persons to monitor our home at the same time?

A: Yes. It supports Android, iOS phone and Pad, PC and MAC to access at the same time. To ensure the streaming is very fast, we suggest you not exceeding 3 person to view the live video at the same time.

Q: Can you hook more than one cell phone?

A: You can connect 3 clients (max) at the same time to the video stream.
You just need know the camera ID (something like VIEW-1234567-ABCDE) and user name (default one "admin" if you don't change it) and password (default one "123456" if you don't change it)
And just click on "Add camera"-->Add the cameras which are already connected to your Wi-Fi network--->Put the camera ID, username and password-->Click on "Done" on top right corner. That's it, you can use the second phone to view it

Q: Are you able to control camera through your phone?

A: Yes, you can view and control the camera by a Smartphone app (both iPhone and Android phone). You can download it from App store and Google Play for free. There are many options for you on the phone app, pan, tilt, 2 way audio, motion detection, etc.

Q: Can an Android and an iPhone use the same camera?

A: Yes, the camera supports both iOS and Android. You just download Faleemi APP from Google Play and APP Store (free) and use this APP to view the camera.

Q: If my camera is linked to one phone, it appears offline in my other device. How do I correct it so two devices can view the same camera at once?

A: The camera supports 3 users (max.) at the same time. Please could you change the camera's password and see if it will work fine? Please find the instruction in the included Quick Start Guide page 17, FAQ 1. How do I change my camera password?

Q: What is the use of call and set option in preset menu?

A: The preset means you set the camera to view a specified location, for example the door of the room as preset 1. After you move the camera to other area, you just tap 1 and tap call, the camera will move back the door area automatically.

Q: Does this automatically switch to night vision?

A: Yes, it will switch to night vision automatically at night and to day mode in daytime.
You can also turn the IR lights on or off manually from the Faleemi APP. There is a menu button in the live video on top. You will see the bulb icons; click on them will turn on/off the IR lights.

Q: Are the IR LEDs visible when recording night vision? And are any LEDs visible when its recording? Can they be turned off?

A: Yes, when the IR lights are on, you can see them in red. So you will see them when recording night vision. Yes, you can turn them off manually, but if it is very dark and the IR lights are turned off, the recording video will be very dark, not visible.

Q: Can i turn off night vision?

A: Yes. Here is how to do it. If you are using iPhone, please click on the third button on top from left in the live video. And you should see 2 bulb icons, the first one is "turn off"; the second one is "turn on". If you are using Android phone, please click on the second button on top from left in the live video. And you will see 2 bulb icons.

Q: Can the night vision be turned off?

A: Yes, you can go to Faleemi APP, in the live video, there is one icon on top line, the third one from left (iPhone), or the second one from left (Android Phone), just click on the bulb icon which is not lit. And the IR lights are turned off.

Q: Do the 4 red dots always stay on?

A: No, they should be off when it is broad daylight, the room is very bright.
But if the room is dark, it will stay on always.
If you want to turn the IR lights off, you can do it manually.
If you are using iPhone, please click on the third button on top left in live video, you will see the bulb buttons.
If you are using Android phone, please click on the second button on top left in live video, you will see the bulb buttons.

Q: Distance at night? How far away can it see?

A: A: The official data is around 16ft. But this depends on your use environment, if you put it in one small room, you should see all the room. Because with light reflection, the night vision will be much better. But if you put it to a very big room, without light reflection, the night vision will not be so good.

Q: Does this camera support a Micro SD card?

A: FSC776B/W, FSC850,FSC861,FSC880, FSC881, FSC882 support Micro SD Record
FSC760/860 Waterproof Wireless IP Camera does not support Micro SD.

Q: Can it record conversation?

A: Yes, but you need to have a Micro SD card for it. And it will record constantly to your memory card.

Q: Is there an option to only have the camera record when there is motion or is it always recording? Also what is the cheapest SD card that is compatible?

A: There are options for both constantly recording and alarm recording. You just turn off the button "Memory card recording" and turn on "Motion Detect Armed" and "Save video on Memory card". It will only record when there's motion.
We suggest you ordering 32GB or 64GB one.

Q: How come it says record 24/7 but it only records 15 mins max?

A: Yes, it does record 24/7, in case the system will take a long time to write, so one recording file is just 15 minutes max. But there will be many other 15 mins recordings on your SD card. Please check!

Q: How do you view videos on the SD card?

A: Please refer to the included Quick Start Guide page 16, you will find the instructions to show you how to view the videos on the SD card. Please go to Pictures section to view the photos.

Q: Does it record without card?

A: Yes, you can record to your mobile phone, PC or to your FTP.

Q: Does this record to the cloud?

A: We are sorry, currently, it doesn't support cloud storage. But it supports FTP. If your cloud offers that or if you can use an FTP adaptor for cloud, then it does.

Q: If i want to use a Micro SD card for recording, it has a loop system every time that Micro SD card filled up?

A: Yes, it is. When the SD card is full, it will record over the files automatically on Faleemi App.

Q: How long does it record for?

A: If you order a 64GB Micro SD, if you choose the resolution of 720P to do recording, it will record 24/7 for about 6 days. If the resolution is 480P, it will record 24/7 for about 30 days. And the camera will overlay the earliest recordings when the memory card fills up. So you don't need to delete the recordings manually.

Q: How many hours can you continuously record with the 128 GB memory card?

A: Yes, it is. When the SD card is full, it will record over the files automatically on Faleemi App.

Q: How do I get it to record when I'm not viewing?

A: Please go to Faleemi APP-->Advanced Settings-->Memory Card Setting-->to enable "Memory Card Recording".

Q: Does this camera format the continuous video files it records in a way that they can be easily viewed when the SD card is inserted into a computer?

A: When the SD card fills up, the camera will overlay the earliest recordings automatically. And you can use your phone Faleemi APP and PC Faleemi APP to view the recordings on the SD card remotely. So you don't have to put the SD card to your computer and view the videos.

Q: Does the camera have a motion sensor?
A: Yes, it comes with motion detection feature. You can set up email alert or record alarm video to the memory card.
Q: Do you need Wi-Fi to record motion detector?
A: Yes, you need Wi-Fi to get your phone connected to the camera, and then should you do the setup of motion detection.
Q: Will the app run in the background on my phone and alert me when there is sound/movement coming from a baby's room? I don't my phone light on overnight?
A: Yes, if you set up email alert and turn on email notification. You will receive alert when there is new email coming. It sends email with pictures when there's activity.
Q: How far away can it see motion?
A: It should detect all the motion within its viewing area. There is option for you to set the motion detection sensitivity, low, medium, and high.
Q: How long of a video does it record when motion is sensed?
A: It is usually recording for 30 seconds, 5 seconds before the motion and 25 seconds of the motion event.
Gmail Email Alert Setting

If you have turned on 2-step verification, please refer to the instruction "Gmail_Email_Setting.pdf" directly.


If you don't see the button "App passwords", please refer to the instruction "How to turn on Gmail 2-step verification and get app password", then refer to the instruction of "Gmail_Email_Setting.pdf" (start from page 4)

pdf40How to turn on 2-step verification and get app password.pdf

Q: Is this rtsp compatible?
A: Yes, it is. The URL is rtsp://admin:123456@ In the link, admin is the camera user name; 123456 is the camera password; is the IP address of the camera. "554/live/ch0", you don't need to change it, it is common information. If you change the camera user name, password, please put your correct information here. It will work very fine.
Q: Is there a URL that has the MJPEG stream that I can access directly? Does it support a URL for a snapshot?
A: Yes, the MJPEG stream URL is http://ip:port/mjpeg/stream.cgi?chn=1 And the snapshot URL is http://ip:port/mjpeg/snap.cgi?chn=1  The "ip:port" means the actual IP address and port of your camera. For example: if the IP address of your camera is and port is 1234; and then the MJPEG URL should be is the snapshot URL. (Special thanks for the suggestion from Nolan)
Q: Is ths camera Alexa compatible
A: Sorry, it is not compatible with Alexa. It is a standalone camera. You just install Faleemi APP to your cell phone and use it to do the setup and view the camera. e will add this feature as soon as possible.
Q: How can i use this with my flir NVR?
A: The camera supports ONVIF 2.5. So it can work with your flir NVR.
Q: Will this work with Blue Iris?
A: Yes, it works. Here is the guide. How to connect Faleemi FSC776 camera to blue iris youtube/9TVgPD9423M
Q: Will this work with 3rd party software?
A: It will work good with Blue Iris, iSpy. But we don't suggest you to use that 3rd party software. Since we have Faleemi Apps for both smart phone and PC.
Q: My blue light isn’t appearing on the camera.

A: If you don't see the blue light, please do a "Factory Reset". This process is outlined on Page 18 of the included manual. (“How to restore to factory default").


Q: I can't get the camera to connect to wifi.


We would like to suggest you resetting your camera firstly. Please refer to the included manual page 18, FAQ NO. 5 "How to restore to factory default" .

Please kindly make sure to push down the Reset button for about 10 seconds until you see the red light changes from flashing slowly to flashing very fast and then let it go. The camera will reboot. Please wait for about 70 seconds until it stops moving and you should see both red and blue lights come on and blinking slowly.

Here we would like to provide our below suggestions for your reference too. Please follow our steps and you will figure it out.

1. Please make sure your phone is connected to your 2.4GHz wifi before you do the setup.

2. Please make sure your wifi password is correct.

3. If all the above are correct, please pay attention to the tips:

a. Only when you see both red and blue lights are blinking slowly, it means the camera is ready to do setup. If you only see red one is solid, not blinking and don't see blue one, please unplug the camera and plug it in again to get another 5 mins setup time.

b. When your phone is playing the tone, please put your phone close to the camera and check the blue light at the same time, if you see the blue light changes blinking very fast, it means the camera is receiving the wifi signal and sometimes, it takes a bit long time for the camera to get an IP address from your router. So please wait for some more moment when you see "configuration failed" on your phone and check the blue light at the same time. When you see the blue light is solid and steady, not blinking, it means the camera is connected to your wifi already. At this moment, please follow the included manual Page 11 & 12 to add your camera to your Faleemi App (Step 2, 3, 4, 5).

c. If you wait for a long time, but the blue light keeps blinking very fast, but not become solid and steady. Please just unplug the camera and plug it in again, wait for around 1 min and do the setup according to the included manual Page 11&12 (Step 2,3,4,5)

Q: How to use “One Key WiFi” to do WiFi setup?

A: Before the configuration, please make sure below points

a. Make sure your WiFi router has connected to Internet.
b. Make sure your router frequency is set on 2.4GHz only, because the IP Camera only supports 2.4GHz now, not 5GHz.
c. Make sure your phone connects to your WiFi router but not 3G/4G.
d. Make sure your WiFi password doesn’t include the special characters such as “&” and “”.

After that, please follow below steps to setup your camera

1. Power the camera up, you will hear “beep” after 30 seconds. The camera is initializing by rotating from left to right and up to down and stop in center finally (40s). And then you will see the status LED is blinking blue (around 70s after the camera powered up).
Note: Only when it blinks blue, should you start to setup the WIFI by “One Key WiFi” without Ethernet cable. It lasts around 5mins after the camera is powered up. If you don’t do the configuration during this time period, please cut the camera power and power it up again.

2. Open the Faleemi App, click [More]

3. Click [One Key WiFi]

4. Check the Wi-Fi SSID is correct. It will input the same WiFi SSID there automatically as the one your phone connected to. → Input [Password] → Put your phone, your camera and your router nearby each other (within 3 feet) →Tap  [Configure]
After the configuration, you can put your camera anywhere just within the range of your WiFi.

5. Phone will sound with “bibibibi”. And after around 25 seconds, the camera will sound with 2 beeps, which means the configuration is successful.

6. Go back to [Camera] interface, Click [Add Camera]

7. Click [LAN Search]

8. Click the camera searched

9. Enter Camera [Password] (the default one is 123456) → [Done] →You will see it shows the camera online.

10. Click the image to view

How to use “One Key WiFi” to do WiFi setup_1
How to use [One Key WiFi] to do WiFi setup_1

How to use [One Key WiFi] to do WiFi setup_2
How to use [One Key WiFi] to do WiFi setup_2

How to use [One Key WiFi] to do WiFi setup_2
How to use [One Key WiFi] to do WiFi setup_3

How to use [One Key WiFi] to do WiFi setup_4
How to use [One Key WiFi] to do WiFi setup_4
Q: When doing WiFi configuration, what do I need to pay attention to?

Below are some critical points when you do the WiFi configuration. 1. Before setting WiFi with IP camera, please check if phone can receive the signal of WiFi.
2. Please check the WiFi client setup is 2.4G system or 5G system, the camera only works in 2.4G system.
3. And then set WiFi security type as wap2-psk, way of encryption as AES.
4. Make configured in 5 minutes after rebooting.

Q: What type of memory card does it support?

A: Our camera supports Micro SDHC/SDXC and the maximum is 128G.

Q: How do I change my video stream resolution?

A: Tap the icon  "1080P" to change the resolution.